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Why your donation is appreciated and so important to the success of Marc winning this election.

    Our campaign outreach is truly limited by what we raise. The math is simple, the more we raise the more Marc is able to let people know him and what he wants to give back to community.


    This race is close with 4 candidates who've filed with the City and currently running for mayor. The vote will be split by 4 candidates on 6 November 2018. Each candidate offers very different perspectives, values, character traits, public service and private sector experience with varying leadership skills. There is no guarantee Marc will win the seat unless he has overwhelming support. Let's ensure Marc continues to do the peoples work by putting “Tigard People First” over the next 4 years.  Citizens to Elect Marc Woodard is asking for a financial donation and other support with signs, neighborhood connection and meeting Marc, etc. If you'd like to help Citizens to Elect Marc Woodard in other ways return back to The main Campaign site and see Support page. Select the type of support you'd like to provide Marc and we will contact you.


    Another way you could support our campaign, please email the campaign site ( to as many of your friends as possible.  Face Book, Twitter and Instagram [#woodard4mayor or #woodardformayor] is another way to individually send your friends his state of the city and outreach messages/ Simply post replys of events and Marc's postings, and share with your friends, or go to Marc Woodard for Tigard Mayor FB page: from their invite your friends to “LIKE” the page. Or follow Marc on, or Instagram: woodardformayor.


    Citizens to Re-Elect Marc Woodard would appreciate any campaign contribution you can make this year.  $25.00 - $100.00, or more. Your contribution is a 100% credit on taxes for contributions of $50.00 per person. Or $100.00 for married couple.


How to Contribute:  Campaign laws when accepting contributions require us to collect name & address, employer and occupation.  When you send a check please include employer and occupation to help us stay within campaign compliance State laws.  If you’re retired, simply indicate “retired.”


Write check to:

Citizens to Elect Marc Woodard

10093 SW Woodard Lane

Tigard, OR 97223




Donate to Citizens to Elect Marc Woodard Donation Site and contribute by Visa/Master Card and use our secure donations payment program.


Contact Us at our campaign site and press the contact us tab.